Asset Management

We are committed to our long term mandates with the focus on the individual client’s priorities

Our aim in wealth management is to maintain and increase clients’ wealth, taking into particular consideration the clients' needs and requirements

Successful investors use a logical investment philosophy for their asset allocation, timing of the financial markets and their selection of individual investments. Carefully selected individual investments and pro-active management can result in an attractive return on capital


Asset Management Mandates

We take on mandates with varying orientations and are able to work on a discretionary basis

Investment Funds

The TAMAC Global Champions AR Fund - Investing across asset classes to capture the best of our thematic ideas

The TAMAC China Champions fund - Utilising our extensive China based research network to help find and invest in “champion” businesses in the world’s future largest economy

The TAMAC Technology Champions Fund - Profiting from the global growth of the internet economy

The TAMAC Green Champions fund – Investing in companies which have the potential to protect the environment and in some cases to repair damage already done


Management of Large or Control Holdings in Individual Shares

Large single stock position can add considerable returns to a portfolio, but at the same time can represent a correspondingly high single risk. In such cases there are a number of strategies that can improve the risk profile of the portfolio. We also help with any administrative or legal requirements for such shares, for example registering the shares for public trading, lock up regulation and blackout periods

Liquidity of Assets

A substantial amount of clients’ assets are often held in illiquid investment such as stakes in private corporations or in large concentrated share positions. Should the liquidity of a client be too low, we can help create extra liquidity through special financial management techniques

Consolidated Reporting

Our monthly report shows the structure and details of the client’s assets and liabilities and creates a clear picture of their total wealth. The report also incorporates all capital inflows and outflows, as well as performance evaluations of individual asset management mandates

The consolidated report provides a risk management tool and is a useful means to make important decisions related to investments as well as financial, tax and estate planning

Last but not least it relieves our clients of their administrative tasks

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