Family Office Services

We pride ourselves in concentrating on an all encompassing, objective and success oriented advisory service. The benefit for our clients lies in optimising the management of their entire estate, whilst minimising the cost and controlling the level of risk to their wealth

Wealth Management

We have found that outstanding quality in the management and control of financial assets calls for coordinated deployment of financial, tax and estate planning as well as diversification of the assets in different asset categories. At TAMAC these services are provided under careful consideration of our clients’ goals and expectations. The experience gained from working for wealthy clients puts us in a position to implement strategies for both asset safeguarding and asset transfer in a manner which will secure and increase our clients’ wealth for generations to come

Financial Tax & Estate Planning

Through our own network of solicitors and accountants we support our clients in all areas of their financial affairs and the maintenance of their wealth through tax and estate planning. Our Partners are experts in these fields; however, we are happy to work with specialists who are already associated with our clients

Fiduciary Services

TAMAC offer an efficient asset transfer to the next generation and act as administrator and fiduciary

We either act on our own or in conjunction with a third party in order to guarantee reliable wealth management. We advise on the allocation of investments and implement the investment decisions whilst supplying the beneficiaries and other fiduciaries with regular and detailed reports

We can be put in charge of executing substantial and complex estates. This can incorporate the valuation and sale of large chunks of hard to sell shares or working together with the remaining partners in a family business